How To Maintain Clients And Find New Prospect During Pandemia

In fact, our customers and prospective customers are always looking for relevant and divisible content and they are always looking for new content.  

Our sales and marketing planning tools offer eight ways to engage customers during a crisis and one-page charts that track various scenarios, activities and timelines that help you stay connected with your customers and prospects.

For example, one of my clients has set up an interactive customer forum to highlight trends that can benefit his customers. Now is the time to rethink the value your sales experience offers potential customers. It is designed to help customers gain insight into the challenges and opportunities created by the virus.

Other companies have produced videos to help customers think about the impact of the new problems they face, such as this one from the National Institutes of Health.

As manufacturers try to navigate these new tools, opportunities, challenges, and trends, they will find that their sales teams become a mission – crucial to success. To win, consumer product sales teams will do their best to anticipate and deliver exactly what customers need, just when they need it.

There is a natural node through which manufacturers can synthesize these trends and quickly interpret real-time data, working with customers and internal leaders in various functions to change strategy in real-time.

In adverse conditions, leading sales teams can focus on fostering mutually profitable growth by bringing new values, skills, and knowledge to the table.

Companies and buyers are looking for insight and validation, and now is the time for sellers to add members to their product development, customer success or service team. To build trust and credibility with buyers and peers, sellers should look for cross-linkages that can lead to introductions.     


Most customers are probably very confused and do not know how to deal with the changes that are occurring as a result of the pandemic. They are likely to have stopped communicating with other companies because of pandemics, or will close or restrict them, which will only fuel the panic and uncertainty surrounding the crisis. If you stop communicating, you are likely to lose a good proportion of your customers to competitors who are still communicating with them. It will be difficult to recover them after the end of the pandemic, and if they stop, it will cause a lot of confusion and confusion among customers.    

Keep your email and marketing plans consistent and make sure you consistently deliver new content to your customers. In our industry, customers purchasing behaviour is once again focusing on e-commerce and thus marketing.

In addition to managing cash flow and operating activities, adapting to consumer behavior and maintaining a pipeline of sales prospects is critical to ensuring that your business returns to normal within a few months. We have outlined how we can reach our customers in different scenarios and have put together some useful sales tactics in the event of a pandemic.


In other words, the best time to sell yourself is when you can, but it is a careful balance to keep in mind. You don’t want to create fear that will paralyse buyers because your prospective buyers need to understand why they need your offer now. Your proposal and sales materials are a great way to answer the question why you should choose your insurance.    

If the coronavirus turns out to be a short-term panic or the US economy slides into recession, investing in a well-stocked pipeline with sales prospects is not a bad idea. Depending on the type of B2B solution you are selling, your prospects may be significantly affected by coronavirus concerns. Spend some time thinking about how you can change the key benefits of your product or service in a way that is relevant to your concerns, even if they are not.    

There are a number of relevant sales conversations that you can have about how your B2B solution can help your customers adjust the key benefits of coronavirus to help them overcome the crisis. Adjust the way your sales organization enters the market to meet different priorities.

By clearly identifying your ideal customer profile, explaining the specific reasons why your customer chooses you over the competition, and addressing the issues that are likely to influence customer decisions, you can give your sales people the tools they need to succeed. This may work well enough in a good economy, but how is this strategy implemented? Its sales function seeks a narrow market in which it can do business and is responsible for how this strategy is implemented.


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