Friends online quiz

In April, the company was kind enough to throw us 3 online team-building sessions! They were all around 60-90 minutes, and they were scheduled perfectly: Friday evening! I signed up for the first one, which was a Friends themed quiz. 

The Friends series is definitely a classic, not only in the US, but here as well, quite a fan base has formed up in the last 27 years. 

I’m a huge Friends fan, I fell in love with it right away when I first saw it over 10 years ago. I’ve binged all 10 seasons multiple times, I don’t think there’s a single episode I haven’t seen at least 15 times already. I’ve even read the Friends book, which was published not long ago and revealed  a lot of behind the scenes secrets, so I think it’s safe to say that I’m a fanatic.  

The event was a blast, with tons of people coming in. The host conducted the quiz in a way which was funny and easy to understand, all via Zoom. The questions were presented through screen sharing and we gave our answers in a Google form, strictly under 50 seconds.

Actually the quiz had quite a few challenging questions, which I did not expect to be honest. At first I was like “I’ve seen this show a hundred times, there’s not a single moment I don’t remember”.

However, there were some extremely detailed questions that had even me at a loss.

I thought it was fun that we had some interactive exercises between some questions, unrelated to the topic, but they did liven up the atmosphere. One of these tasks involved showing our biggest animal in our home via a camera. Everyone ran around, bringing their pet or a stuffed animal to the camera, each to its own.

But this Friday night wasn’t just about the Friends series, there were also questions from different topics, such as movies, actors and traveling. This way the quiz didn’t become dull, and the questions remained difficult and intriguing – hopefully not just for me. What’s more, we could even learn from some of  them.

After the quiz was over, the host went through all the questions again and gave us the correct answers, then announced the top three finishers.

Online team-building is a new thing due to the pandemic, and technology is not always our best friend. This event was no exception, with the scores of a wrong team being read out at one point. But we just laughed about it and we were excited to find out our actual results.

Sadly, the series has been taken off Netflix, but will be available on HBO Go from 15 April. I sincerely recommend it to those who want to refresh their memories or who have not yet seen Friends.


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