Turn your career around

Have you ever asked yourself: do I like my job at all? If you can’t find yourself in an area you work in, it’s time to think about whether you’re in the right place. Surely we all know at least one person who talks about their job affectionately, but finding a job that we love and also suits us perfectly is not an easy task.

Choosing a career is a constant dilemma nowadays, as we have more and more opportunities, we can head in more and more directions. We need to start thinking about our future already in high school, about what kind of career to choose and which university to go to. This is a decision that a teenager has a hard time making alone, we have little insight into the world of work at this age.


I myself was looming over university application papers cluelessly, not knowing where to continue my studies, and in the end I chose economics. At this age, I wasn’t even sure about the concept and meaning of economics, but the majority of high school students chose this path, so I followed their example. With a renowned university degree and knowledge of 2 foreign languages ​​at the time, I thought I would surely find myself a position to my liking later on. However, after graduating, I was just as clueless as I was before applying. It didn’t give me a tangible knowledge nor a profession, it felt like I had learned about everything, but really learned nothing. Eventually I got a job at a multinational and spent 3 years there.

I realized pretty soon that the area where I settled after my studies did not suit me. I did my job reluctantly and wasn’t happy to go to work at all. It made my daily life difficult, as stress and constant frustration became central to my life.


The mere thought of switching jobs scared me, I didn’t feel myself good enough or confident enough, yet I needed to move on. I thought about what I would gladly do and what I really care about. Moreover, from the negative experiences of the last 3 years, I was also able to define the environment in which I wouldn’t feel good, and I outlined the ideal workplace for me. I was thinking about ​​what qualities are needed for certain jobs, trying to find a lap over between the jobs and my personality. 


When I finally realized an area I was interested in, and in which I could utilize my skills, I took a training course relevant to the chosen area. Of course, there is still much to learn, but it was important to be prepared to embark on a whole new chapter in my life. The course gave me a new way of thinking and a basic knowledge, so I had a chance to apply for entry-level positions, but it still took me a while to find my new job in my chosen field. After my resignation, I felt completely renewed, relieved and enthusiastic about my tasks in my new job.


I think it’s important that at the point where the idea of ​​changing jobs comes up, we think calmly and honestly about what we need to move forward. Develop a strategy, consider whether further studies are needed to achieve our goal. If we feel we have put enough energy into preparing for the change, update our skills needed to find a job. Prepare in advance for the possible interviews, practice formal social interactions. Create an attractive CV and tailor it to your chosen target area. By submitting an impressive cover letter, you can make a good impression on a potential employer.


If this sounds like too much and too scary, despite feeling the need for a career change, think about the fact that if you continue to work in the same field for 5 years, you will not only feel just as bad, but you will also be 5 years older.


Don’t be afraid of change, dare to take a step and dream big, because if fear rules over you, you can get comfortable in an uncomfortable situation, doing harm not only to ourselves, but also to everyone around us.


I think a career change has proven to be a good decision for me, I’m in the right place.


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