Building Team Resilience During Home Office

The COVID 19 pandemic has prompted many companies to focus for the first time and with good reason on the idea of employee resilience.  This type of resilience is key to success in remote work, but employees cannot succeed alone […]

Iroda vs home office, avagy hogy dolgozunk a korona alatt

Jellemzően március közepétől, a karantén bevezetésétől a munkaadók többsége elhárította az irodán kívüli munka akadályait és teret hódított a home office. Ezzel párhuzamosan a digitális oktatás is, így nem mindenkinek volt üdítő és hatékony az otthoni munkavégzés. 2,5-3 hónapot követően, […]

European IT Salaries

The average salary of a software engineer in Germany is $55K, while in the Netherlands it drops to  $51K per year. According to a recent report in the IT Salary Report, the highest salaries paid by software engineers in Europe […]

Project Manager’S Role And Educations

Project managers often have the responsibility to achieve the best possible results for their projects and their employees. They are often held to a higher level than their colleagues in other business areas. The standard for project management is set […]

Productivity At Home Office

It can be difficult to create a productive work environment if you are not in a typical office environment. It is easy to get distracted and unfocused, especially when working in an office environment with a large number of people […]

Romanian job market 2020

At this stage, the official data do not yet include the number of terminated employment contracts and returnees from abroad. On the economic front, some 500,000 jobs are likely to be lost this year, and the unemployment rate is estimated […]

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a desirable goal that we all tend not to achieve, but it is equally important to meet the demands of a heavy workload and maintain a healthy relationship with the office, including relationships.   Preference for one […]